10 Customer Tips For “ATM” Security And Safety Usage.

Automated Teller Machines (ATM) are a great opportune to our daily cash transactions,  it also know as cash point or mini bank. It is an electronic telecommunication device that enables the customer of a financial institution to do financial transactions, mainly cash withdrawal without the need for a human cashier, clerk or bank teller.


10 Customer Tips For “ATM” Security & Safety


Automated Teller Machines


      For optimum utilization of ATM facility we will definitely  follow  some safety and security tips.

Security Tips While Using An ATM:

  • Do not write the ATM PIN anywhere, and certainly never and ever on the card itself. Please remember the PIN.
  • Your card is for your personal use only. Do not share your PIN or card with anybody, not even your friends or family
  • “Shoulder surfer” can peek at your PIN as you enter it. So stand close to the ATM machine and use your body and hand to protection the keypad as you enter the PIN
  • Do not take help from outsiders for using the ATM card or handling your cash transactions.
  • Press the ‘Cancel’ key before living left from the Automated Teller Machines Room. Remember to take your card and transaction slip with you.
  • If you take transaction slip, scrap it immediately after use. Please try to avoid taking transaction slip its not disclose to your account details as well as its environment friendly too.
  • If your ATM card is misplaced or stolen, report it to your card-issuing bank immediately.
  • When you deposit a cheque or card into your ATM, check the credit entry in your account after 2 to 3 days. If there is any difference, report it to your bank
  • If your card gets stuck in the ATM, or if cash is not distributed after you having keyed in a transaction, call your bank immediately.
  • If you have any complaint about your ATM/Debit/Credit card transaction at an ATM, you must take it up with the bank that issued the card to you.

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